Apps that get stuff done

There are countless productivity apps and tools out there today — we try to help you choose the best

It’s no longer in doubt that the smartphones and tablets that we carry everywhere we go can be powerful personal assistants and productivity aids. In the past, companies that frowned on employees accessing official data on private devices now  understand that teams collaborate better this way. From note taking apps, to-do lists and office suites to calendars, plenty of cloud-based apps can help improve productivity at a modern office.

A productivity essential – CCLEANER (formerly called Crap Cleaner)
No matter how many productivity apps you may have, unwanted files saved on your devices will cause lags and generally render any gadget unproductive. CCleaner is a must-have app that is as synonymous with system cleaning as Google is with search.

One of the oldest system cleaners in the app world, first launched in 2005, CCleaner can delete temporary or potentially unwanted files left by certain programs, as well as browsing history, cookies, recycle bin, memory dumps, file fragments, log files, system caches and various other data.

CCleaner will make sure your device runs smoothly to ensure greater productivity.

The granddaddy of them all – EVERNOTE
One of the world’s most widely used productivity apps, Evernote is a customizable app that lets you take notes, and organise and archive important information.

The ‘notes’ on the platform can be in the form of text, a webpage, photograph, voice memo, etc. The notes can also have file attachments. Evernote will archive the information for you to draw up as and when required – it’s all your important information at your fingertips!

Special mention must be made to Evernote Scannable, which can scan through stacks of pages and turn them into collated PDFs. It also works wonders on business cards. Scannable auto-detects edges and produces quality images, and connects with Evernote for easy storage.

Mass social media updates – HOOTSUITE
If your company is ‘going digital’, like we are, you would want to maintain a consistent social media presence. Hootsuite is the one-stop shop to manage all your social media accounts.

It allows you to update Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram all at once, in real time. It also lets you schedule updates, and monitors replies and feedback.

Alternative: buffer, tweetdeck

The whiteboard replacement – ASANA
Asana is the whiteboard of yesteryear.

The app, which is more “productive” when used on a desktop, helps teams keep track of what needs to get done day to day, while maintaining visibility and accountability. Capital Media uses Asana to optimise their work day, with designated tasks and the project’s status visible to the entire team.

Asana also eliminates the need for email, with file sharing possible on the platform.

Alternative: Trello, Basecamp

Remember the Milk is an online to-do list and task management system. Created in 2004, the app was re-launched this year with added features to improve productivity. Remember the Milk allows you to create multiple editable task lists, so keeping track is hassle-free.

The app can be synchronised on multiple devices, allowing you to remain on top of your work on the go. It can also be integrated with Gmail, Google Maps, Microsoft Outlook and other such services.

Alternative: TODOIST,

Email is outdated – SLACK
Emails are out; Slack is in!

Slack is a messaging platform created for businesses, to facilitate conversations (and banter) and discuss ideas among team members who may not always sit in the same office. Slack can be used to chat, so you don’t have to shout across rooms, or remind you of an assigned task.

Slack can also be integrated with a host of other productivity apps, like Asana, to provide seamless integration throughout your organisation.

Alternative: Azendoo, Bitrix24


Special Mentions

Dropbox – This is a web-based file hosting service that lets you create a special folder on your computer, which can then be synchronised to be accessible on all your devices and the Dropbox website.

GoodReader – This is an app available on iOS that lets you view documents in different formats, including .doc, .pdf, and .xls.











  Swift Key – This app is a custom keyboard for Android in particular, but is also available on iOS. SwiftKey lets you save time typing by swiping your finger around the keyboard instead of hitting each individual letter.


Wunderlist – The app, which works on a variety of platforms, lets you share your to-do lists with others, letting you keep track of what you or your team needs to get done.