Hasitha Premaratne

A perfect day for the relentless Chief Financial Officer of Brandix Lanka includes time with family and, of course, cricket!

What are you most passionate about?
Doing the right thing

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Having a balanced life

What is your favourite journey?
A trip to World’s End in Badulla by train with camping gear

Who or what is the greatest love of your life?
My family

What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?
Playing with my kids and staying home to watch a Cricket World Cup final (and Sri Lanka wins)

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
For my parents, who inculcated good values in me

Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?
A wildlife safari in Africa

What is your most treasured memory?
When my kids were born

What is your natural talent?
The ability to communicate clearly

What is your motto?
Be ethical and play straight

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I try to see if I can find time to sleep a bit more

What was one of your life-changing moments?
The day I decided to not join the Engineering faculty at Moratuwa University and enter Colombo University while pursuing CIMA

What do you think has been the strength behind your success?
My focus on whatever I do till it succeeds

If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?
A brand new knee instead of my injured one

Would you rather have less work or more work you actually enjoy doing?
I enjoy work that keeps me busy

When you’re 90 years old, what will matter most to you?
That I have done stuff to make people happy. I also don’t want to live that long though!

What life lesson did you learn the hard way?
Nothing comes easy

What was your favourite food as a child?
Veralu achcharu bought at the College gate

What do you most value in your friends?
Honesty and loyalty