As the sun beats down on us relentlessly, in preparation for the equinox, Sri Lanka’s leading total eye-care solutions provider, Vision Care offers a kaleidoscopic range of sunglasses or shades to choose from. In addition to combating glare, sunglasses are a fashion statement that complements a well-put-together look, popularized in the 1920’s by movie idols and fashion icons, and eventually becoming a fad that has continued to sweep the world. While it is ‘cool’ to wear these fashion accessories, it also prevents harmful effects on the eyes. According to a 2012 survey, 90% of people were unaware that their eyes needed optimum care, as it’s the crux for overall health.

While there are many reasons as to why sunglasses are benefi cial to us, Vision Care presents the following…

In Sri Lanka, where the concept of eternal summers means more fun in the sun, one has come to terms with the idea of being exposed to sun-related health problems. Continuous exposure to the sun can penetrate our sensitive eyes, causing various ailments that can affect eyesight. This could be prevented by wearing high-quality sunglasses that contain 100% UVB (short wave ultraviolet rays) and UVA (long wave ultraviolet rays) protection. In case you are planning to take the plunge into a pool or the ocean during these sunny days, you could opt for a pair of polarized ‘sunnys’, which would reduce the glare considerably, or a well-covered wrap around the lenses that shade your eyes from all sides.

Moreover, constant exposure to the sun can be detrimental to your health and cause complications that can be mitigated or curtailed through regular use of sunglasses, specifically the type mentioned above. You may wonder how sunglasses can prevent skin cancer – the skin around your eyes, including your eyelids, is very sensitive to sunlight and nearly 10% of skin cancers are found near the eyes. Wearing UV-protective wraparound sunglasses with large lenses can not only protect your eyes, but your skin as well.


Ever-prevalent conditions like Cataracts, a cloudy appearance in the eye, and a more serious condition called Glaucoma, which can eventually lead to blindness, are caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays, according to research conducted by the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Sunglasses with complete UV protection can help reduce your risk of cataracts or complications resulting from glaucoma. Macular degeneration is a condition where a part of the retina, the macula, deteriorates, which causes impaired vision and eventual blindness in many cases. Certain types of UV radiation can thwart this process, so wearing sunglasses may be of help. Pterygium, which is referred to as ‘Surfer’s Eye’, is a growth on the eyeball itself and can be painful. The most common treatments are eye drops, steroids and surgery (in advanced cases), but the best treatment is prevention and the prescribed method by doctors is wraparound sunglasses with UV protection, especially on cloudy days when the sun is not visible but its UV rays permeate the air.

In addition, wearing sunglasses is the best preventive action taken against elements such as sand, dust, wind and snow as continuous exposure can lead to additional risk of damage to your eyes. For those who travel to winter wonderlands, it’s best to keep in mind that snow reflects 80% of UV rays from the sun and can cause a condition known as snow blindness, where the glare from the sun actually burns the cornea. In this case, ensure that the sunglasses cover and protect the bottom of your eyes, because of the reflective nature of the snow. Getting sand in your eyes can be very painful and dangerous as the tiny grains can scratch your eye and cause permanent damage. Especially in the tropics, one has to contend with wind and dust, which makes sunglasses a compulsory combat gear in battling the elements. Wearing sunglasses further promotes healing and recovery in the aftermath of LASIK or PRK procedures, or any other corrective surgery.

Sunshades or sunglasses should not merely be categorized into the above as it can be the source of enjoyment as you get creative with the many available options such as polarized lenses on the bottom and non-polarized on top. This would ensure a sharper and clearer view devoid of the glare. For those fishing enthusiasts, the right sunglasses would permit a view of fish and aquatic life that you failed to notice before.

Bright sunlight can be a trigger for migraines and bad headaches. Wearing sunglasses can help reduce both the frequency and intensity of these painful occurrences. The use of sunglasses while driving in the rain seems incredulous, but the right lenses during light rain is sure to improve your vision and help you to drive safer.

Vision Care is passionate about providing a vast selection of sunglasses to choose from as they believe in meeting their customers’ every need. No matter what look you are opting for – from classically cool to modern and fashionable – there is a pair of sunglasses that will make you look and feel great.

After all, sunglasses are similar to other fashion accessories and could enhance the outfit to suit the event. Be a trendsetter and let your sunglasses reflect your unique style!