Astoria: The enchantment of vertical living


Vertical living in urban spaces is a modern lifestyle trend. It is transforming streetscapes and skylines across the globe. Colombo is no exception. The city is evolving fast, taking on a look of glitz and glamour pulsating with vitality. In this great transformation, one project truly stands out. Its name is Astoria, and it gives new meaning to the concept of prestigious living.

Astoria is a luxury condominium complex in the heart of Colombo. Upon completion, it will comprise three residential apartment towers and one office tower. It is a project of AVIC International (a Fortune 500 company) involving an investment of $250 million. Astoria stands out in many aspects – design, quality, functionality and convenience. Its architects conceived a sustainable design with lots of green spaces and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. State-of-the-art conveniences were also included. This holistic approach makes it truly unique.

Project Director of Construction & Sales Zhang Bo says Astoria brings world-class living spaces to Colombo. He declares that the apartments epitomize modern luxury living. Each unit consists of 2-4 rooms covering 1200-2400 sq.ft. while the top duplexes cover 6,000 sq.ft. All fixtures and finishes are from internationally renowned brands. According to Bo, residents of Astoria will experience total comfort. Each apartment comes with elegant living/dining areas, cosy bedrooms, well-appointed bathrooms, an internal garden and a balcony.

“The balconies are fabulous,” says Bo. “You can enjoy warm sunlight and soothing air blowing in from the sea. And at sunset, the view is breathtaking!”

The privileged residents of Astoria will enjoy many amenities. These include an exclusive podium clubhouse with a yoga studio, gym, swimming pools, mini golf simulator, snooker room, sauna, squash court and children’s play area. There will also be a large retail space featuring top brands, recreational gardens and a rooftop VIP clubhouse.

“The balconies are fabulous. You can enjoy warm sunlight and soothing air blowing in from the sea. And at sunset  the view is breathtaking!”
– Zhang Bo

The location is among the best in the city. It provides easy access to two main roads – Duplication Road and Galle Road – as well as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, banks, hospitals, schools and business establishments. There are plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment options around. You will feel fully connected to the vibrant city life below.

Bo says investing in Astoria will yield high returns. He declares that it will be one of the most prestigious addresses in the city. “It will come to symbolise a life of privilege, and will be an iconic place to live in,” he confidently predicts.

Astoria will redefine high-end vertical living in Colombo. It will also blaze a path in the transformation of the cityscape. But more importantly, it will show what the home of the future looks like.