Landmark Revolutionizes Affordable Living in Sri Lanka

‘Comfort Dwellings’, a series of suburban housing projects by Landmark Developers, is establishing a benchmark about what it means to buy a contemporary, affordable home

Affordable, minimalist, contemporary, smart home, millennial and family friendly are just some of the superlatives that can be used to describe Landmark Developers’ new project in a popular Colombo suburb that targets a market niche. Branded ‘Comfort Dwellings’, the homes constructed on six perches of land are modern, high tech, customizable and yet affordable.

Landmark Developers’ Managing Director Eksith Hapangama speaks to Echelon about the position of the ‘Comfort Dwellings’ project and why it’s a unique housing proposition.

Excerpts from the interview are as follows:

What’s different about ‘Comfort Dwellings’ compared to any other real estate development?
Comfort Dwellings are affordable, modern and self-sustainable houses built on a six-perch plot, yet with ample space for amenities such as a car park and garden. The locations will be strategic, outside Colombo to ensure affordability, but also accessible to the city. We actively incorporate elements of practicality and affordability.

We are certainly out with luxury and in with affordability. You can feel the earth, live among lush greenery and have access to renewable, clean energy at our homes. In fact, the extra 10% spent on constructing self-sustainable houses will significantly reduce electricity- and water-related expenses over the long term. As these homes can be set up with solar panels, you can even connect to the net metering system and provide energy to the grid when unoccupied.

What changes to people’s housing-related needs are you addressing through these homes?
We pay close attention and cater to the needs of market segments. In fact, the next 12 months will be game changing. Our properties are strategically located in highly accessible places in the outskirts of Colombo to take advantage of the government’s Megapolis Plan. We are mainly targeting mid-level professionals, first-time home buyers and senior citizens. Our properties would be a better and affordable solution also for people already commuting long distances, leaving home as early as 4am, from locations as far as Ratnapura.

We pay close attention and cater to the needs of market segments. In fact, the next 12 months will be game changing.
Eksith Hapangama

We see a shift in the expectations of young people, especially millennials. Our houses are designed in such a way to cater to the needs of millennials, potentially first-time home buyers. Millennials prefer ‘smart homes’. They want to control their homes through a mobile phone. Some even want motorised curtains, controllable remotely with a simple tap of their smartphone. We will incorporate high-tech components in addition to tech that ensures these homes are sustainable.

You will be able experience one of our projects firsthand in Battaramulla in three to four months when the model home is completed. This house can think. There are sensors to monitor body temperature, and it can control lighting based on the number of people in the room. We are building for the future. If our clients wish, we will make the houses futuristic for them.

Will people prefer houses instead of apartments?
Houses are undoubtedly the better option, as you gain freedom, fresh air, ample space, a garden and it’s practical, like being able to dry your laundry. In an apartment, the walls are close around you, and usually ventilation and light are poor. Why would you want to live in a concrete jungle, in a box in the sky?

We are a family-oriented company and want to build affordable houses where our clients can enjoy life at home. We are also enthusiastic about applying minimalistic and contemporary design to the houses we construct. Our clients have the flexibility to customise houses according to their preferences at the planning stage itself. Why do you want to stay in a house designed according to someone else’s taste? You can choose a wooden, cement or even a tile floor? the choice is up to the customer.

It’s very common for people to move from one place to the other because they don’t have a special love or connection with a house. So, we actively encourage our clients to get involved during construction, to get a feel of the house and breathe the air inside the house. Landmark is all about love.