Encare is expanding its business of collecting and incinerating hazardous clinical waste under safe conditions

treatment plant has reached full capacity since it was established in 2013 at the Colombo East Base Hospital in Mulleriyawa on 60 perches of land. Encare is a public-private partnership, managed by the Sisili Projects Consortium, in the business of providing sustainable manufacturing and waste management solutions. The consortium is investing in a new high-tech plant in the proposed new Waste Management Zone in Muthurajawela, and will branch out into treating industrial waste (like rubber, plastics, fabrics) and sludge, which contains heavy metals.

200 MT

Amount of clinical waste collected and incinerated per month

8 MT

Ash produced by the incineration, which is used as a raw material for bricks


Number of hospitals, clinics and laboratories Encare collects clinical waste from

1,400 Degrees Celcius

Maximum heat generated by flue gas incinerators

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