About Us


The one thing that will define Echelon magazine will be the quality of the storytelling. Echelon, published monthly, will cover in depth Sri Lanka’s most successful businesses, examine their winning strategies and profile their leaders in immersive stories. Great stories are also never limited to words, and our approach includes rich photography, bold graphics and cutting edge design, which together will make for a compelling read.

Business doesn’t start and end in a boardroom; it extends to the golf club, to international travel and to pursuits that blur the lines between commercial venture and sheer passion. The Echelon team will present the best in business and lifestyle coverage that will appeal to an exclusive and affluent readership: an otherwise hard-to-reach demographic.

Content will be developed by some of the most experienced and proven editors, financial journalists, photographers and designers in the country.This team has already raised the bar for powerful and expertly crafted business news. Shamindra Kulamannage leads the editorial team.

Echelon’s reputation is built on the separation of editorial and advertising. However, we are also looking for a creative and impactful new format that can be applied in our magazine, iPad app and website to help our clients reach their audience. We are flexible and creative, and we have a solution for every advertiser who wants to reach our audience.

We are passionate about creative results and working with our advertisers to help them create bespoke multi-platform creative solutions with our in-house creative and sales teams.

Echelon will be a great place to show off the products and capabilities of our clients, because they will be surrounded by an editorial product that is expertly crafted, and full of integrity and intelligence.