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Ishan Dantanarayana

Don’t let his height fool you into thinking he is a pushover. This has taught Brandix’s Chief People Officer to not take no for an answer.

CSE slump may last

The global equity rout and capital flight overwhelmed Sri Lanka’s tiny stock market in early 2016. Three equity analysts answer questions about the chances of a recovery and dynamics that will weigh on listed firms here in 2016

Netflix and chill, really, in Sri Lanka?

In most parts of the world, video ondemand (VOD) services like Netflix are a way of life. Households are cutting the cord or discontinuing their cable TV subscriptions for VOD. Video on demand is so ingrained in their lifestyles that young people are inviting their partners to ‘Netflix and chill’. Now the service is available for subscription here. So does it live up to the hype? And more importantly, can Netflix stack up against your local DVD vendor?

The long view on tourism

Sri Lanka’s tourism strategy to attract visitors has hinged on highlighting sun and a dash of wildlife, with some history and wide smiles thrown in. But this is not a unique pitch; many other tropical Asian countries can also be described the same way. An industry expert says Sri Lanka needs to take a long view on its branding and product development