Picking winners in the rough

So far, 2015 has been characterized by weak earnings growth. If stocks are still part of an investment portfolio, what would the cornerstones of that strategy be during 2016, we asked equity analysts from four stockbrokerages

Nishan De Mel

The Executive Director of Verité Research’s singing voice may be his only weakness, in addition to his inability to fly.

Petrol politics

Our roads are congested. But, in a country that does not have a developed public transport system and car ownership is a social status, is there an easy solution?

Who’s Afraid of Humble Trishaws?

There are at least three post-1977 introductions that have transformed our society across all social and economic levels. They are trishaws or three wheelers (introduced in 1978); broadcast television (started small in 1979 and went nationwide in 1982) and mobile telephony (1989).

Quadcopters causing a buzz

Remotely controlled small helicopters with four sets of rotors, one on each arm, are making a buzz. In Sri Lanka, quadcopters are popularly used for aerial photography. Here’s where you can get one.