Lessons from the great outdoors

Experiential training takes teams from the concrete jungle and into a literal jungle. The unfamiliar surroundings spark a spirit of adventure and team members have to depend on each other to overcome the challenges, building relationships and empathy.

Auditing Auditors: Making Bloodhounds of Watchdogs

New rules are comingto improve auditor independence and hold them accountable for their work. As watchdogs, auditors are required to see all, hear all and tell all, and the capital market regulator wants to make sure they do. Also, the audit profession will no longer be allowed to self-regulate.

The Society Jeweller

The wealthy invest in ‘passion assets’. In high demand are precious gemstones, diamonds and branded jewellery. Blue sapphires and rare gems from Sri Lanka also make these lists. Fifteen years ago a high-quality blue sapphire had a ceiling price of $3,000 per carat.Now it can fetch as much as $30,000.

Hideaways Around Galle

Hotels around Galle are plentiful for holidaying with extended family and friends. But we discovered some new and exciting private homes, which are also open for holidaymakers