The Esufally Constitution

Sri Lankan family companies occupy commanding heights, whether they are public or private corporations. however, few have exhibited the zeal over three generations, as has the Hemas group

Demystifying Islamic Finance

The global Islamic finance industry grew at an annual rate of 17.6% over 2009-2013, and is estimated to grow by an average 19.7% a year until 2018. Well-known and large conventional banks locally and globally are opening Islamic banking windows to better suit more than just their muslim clientele. The question is, why?

Sri Lanka’s Coal War

Alleged tender process anomalies and an entrenched coal mafia have polluted Norochcholai’s coal procurement from the very start of operations. Cleaning up this act won't be easy
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Finding your fit

Whether you are a regular racer or a casual cyclist, just one bike won’t suffice anymore, and two is the minimum – one to keep up your fitness with a weekly evening ride and another to venture off-road on weekends