Cement maker INSEE has a strong retail base

Siam City Cement Lanka, or INSEE Cement, has a strong retail focus, supplying mostly to Sri Lanka’s housing construction sector. The company claims that one-third of houses in Sri Lanka are built with its cement. Its two cement plants in Galle and Puttalam supply to a 7,000-strong, country-wide distribution network. The company, formerly Holcim Lanka, also supplies to large-scale infrastructure projects like dams, bridges, highways and high-rises, but these account for a fourth of total annual revenue.

1.3 MN tonnes

Annual capacity at its Puttalam cement plant

1 MN tonnes

Annual capacity at its Galle cement plant

400,000 tonnes

Annual capacity at a new grinding plant in the Galle terminal by 2019


Retail’s share of total sales


(Photograph courtesy of Siam City Cement Lanka)