JKH’s mega project in numbers

As construction of John Keells Group’s mega mixed development project progresses, here’s a look at what to expect in 2019 on completion

Construction on Cinnamon Life is making steady progress in a peninsula in the Beira Lake. The $850 million, 4.5 million sq ft mixed development project, expected to be completed in 2019, is the largest single private sector investment in Sri Lanka.

On completion, this project will include an 800-room, 1.4 million sq ft luxury hotel featuring 170m long corridors and a 16.5m high car park in an area of 820,045 sq ft.

427 – total number of apartments in the two residence towers
170m – length of typical hotel corridors
8 – number of restaurants in the hotel, excluding bars
85 – number of elevators
25 – number of escalators
48 – number of floors in The Residence tower
153m – height of tallest building
16.5m – height of car park
47m – length of supported cantilever
25m – length of unsupported cantilever
1.4 million sq ft – total area of the hotel