Zen – Prajeeth Balasubramaniam

What one word would describe you?
Social butterfly

What are you most passionate about?
Anything I do

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Getting married!! But seriously, setting up the start-up ecosystem in Sri Lanka

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Sitting on a beach with no schedule

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

Who or what is the greatest love of your life?
My wife (since this is being published)

What do you dislike most about your appearance?
My hair

What is your most marked characteristic?

What is your most treasured possession?
My wife and kids

Which talent would you most like to have?
Public speaking

What do you wish you had right now?
A Ferrari parked in my garage

Where would you like to live?
In Sri Lanka of course

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
More hair on the head and less on the body

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
A better me (version 2)

Which historical figure do you admire most?

What would you be doing in 20 years?
Hopefully partying somewhere on a beach

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Read my email

What do you think has been the strength behind your success?
My passion, My family and friends

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
Something more easy to remember

If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be?
My temper

Who or what inspires you?
My father

What impact do you want to leave on the world?
As someone who helped others without any reservations

Who is your favourite hero of fiction?
Christian Grey

What do you most value in your friends?
Trust and reliability